Schwetzingen Palace

Please note:

Due to the initial week-long drought and subsequent heavy rain, there is acute danger to our guests in the Palace Gardens due to falling branches and falling trees. 
For this reason, the English Landscape Garden must be temporarily closed. The closure is temporary until the necessary measures are completed. 

We ask for your understanding. 

Closed areas in the Palace Garden
Schwetzingen Palace and Gardens, garden side
Delve into the world of the prince-electors
Schwetzingen Palace and Gardens, man in costume in the bath house
Travel back in time
Schwetzingen Palace and Gardens, palace theater
See where history was made

Schwetzingen Palace is famous for the beauty and harmony of its gardens. Remarkably, the original design, in all its diversity, survives to this day.


Schwetzingen Palace, wallpaper in the Hochberg apartmentVon Hochberg apartmentFrench modernity with wallpaper
Von Hochberg apartment - French modernity with wallpaper
Schwetzingen Palace, Northern circle buildingNorthern crescent'The royal household enjoyed theatre here
Northern crescent' - The royal household enjoyed theatre here
Schwetzingen Palace, Bath HouseThe Bath HouseRetreat in the garden
The Bath House - Retreat in the garden
Schwetzingen Palace, the MosqueThe MosqueSymbol of enlightened tolerance
The Mosque - Symbol of enlightened tolerance